News: Ryan DeLaRonde joins Rise CPA!

Rise is pleased to welcome Ryan DeLaRonde, CPA, CA, CPA (WA) as a Senior Manager.

Ryan has almost 20 years’ experience dealing with advisory and compliance matters from a cross-border perspective as it relates to Canadian and US personal income tax.  Ryan began his career in Windsor, Ontario with PricewaterhouseCoopers and has worked with several other large and small accounting practices across Canada.  Ryan is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant and a US Certified Public Accountant (Washington).  Over his career, Ryan has worked with individual taxpayers as well as with corporate entities that have had employees working in multiple jurisdictions or who have had employees who were transferring from one jurisdiction to another.  Ryan’s focus is on ensuring clients are tax compliant, which includes meeting all their respective filing requirements in each tax jurisdiction, as well as ensuring that clients are managing their income and assets in a tax efficient matter from a cross-border perspective.

Learn more about Ryan DeLaRonde here.