Partnerships and mergers of equals carry specific risks which need to be addressed, preferably at the early stages of a venture. Setting out the “rules of the road” and aligning expectations is key to avoiding consequent differences of opinion. We help parties coordinate in a way that captures the spirit and enthusiasm of the deal. While mitigating ambiguity in the relationship, this further allows all parties to harmonize. This reduces the possibility of  any continued, expensive, and unnecessary disputes. Finally allowing for an optimum outcome for all parties.

Parties which may already be in a partnership or joint venture can also benefit greatly from our experience. We can help expand and refine existing arrangements to better serve stakeholder needs and future goals, especially in situations involving rapid change or aggressive growth.

Working together with other members of the Rise team, we can expertly address other facets of mergers and joint ventures as well, such as financial reporting and optimal tax structures.

The Rise Advisors Transaction Team will help you achieve:

  • A functional and high performing business relationship
  • Confidence that all parties are properly aligned
  • Enhanced value, both now and down the road
  • Predictability around possible events

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