Sales taxes in Canada can be categorized into three types of taxes:


Harmonized Sale Tax


Goods & Services Tax


Provincial Sales Tax

These taxes make up a large portion of the federal and provincial revenue.

Sales taxes can greatly increase the cost of doing business in Canada and especially for those doing business across the different provinces. Incorrect tax planning and filing can cost your business money. To further complicate matters, the provinces are inconsistent in how they impose their sales taxes, so even expanding your business across provincial borders may create additional sales tax concerns. Your business could be exposed to a potential review by tax authorities to see if there is PST owing. For companies that already operate across provincial borders, the different provincial sales tax rules can lead to tax exposure if not managed properly. We can ensure your business is set up to avoid any unanticipated sales tax burdens.  If the tax authorities have already begun a review of your business, we can help manage the process.

Our clients can be confident that our Sales Tax Services team will:

  • Ensure proper compliance to avoid future interest and penalties
  • Provide clear understanding of what services are subject to sales tax and how to apply them
  • Expertly manage tax audits and reviews
  • Make voluntary disclosure on the occasion that your business hasn’t been in compliance
  • Help reduce tax exposure to business

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