Divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, or a business restructuring involve complex tax issues that require the dedicated attention of focused and seasoned professionals. We assist in navigating the turbulent nature of financial, tax and accounting issues and help manage compliance risks.

It’s an incredible risk to try and complete a divestiture, merger, acquisition, or a business restructuring without the assistance of a professional CPA team. You need professionals who know which regulatory, compliance, or corporate structure issues might arise and who know how to solve them. Our team of people are current on all tax regulations and compliance issues to handle your business transaction needs.

Our strategic tax structuring services are comprehensive and effective:

  • We develop an understanding of the potential tax risks and benefits associated with a specific transaction.
  • We conduct a detailed analysis to provide a diagnosis of the transaction issues that will determine the best tax structure. While tax is a consideration, we believe that the business objective is what will ultimately determine the appropriate tax structure and the route to follow.
  • We plan strategically and proactively to find the best course of action to take to achieve your business objectives while following accounting, tax, legal, and shareholder guidelines.
  • We provide detailed instructions to legal counsel and assist with the implementation of the tax strategy to ensure each step is followed.
  • We follow through and stay involved to assist with every phase of tax structuring, including well after the transaction has completed.

Benefits to Strategic Tax Structuring:

Strategic tax structuring ensures your company can move forward knowing the best tax strategies are in place. Our services provide several benefits when a divestiture, merger, acquisition or business restructuring is involved:

  • Business first. While tax is a component, the business objectives of the transaction are paramount. No complicated transactions are undertaken solely for tax purposes.
  • Tax Friendly Structure. We find the most tax friendly way to structure the transaction.
  • Limited Exposure. We model the tax implications of the transaction and limit the tax exposure on the current transaction.
  • Planning and Integration. We ensure the plan is in place for integration after the transaction.
  • Limiting Future Tax Exposure. We design the structure to limit future tax exposure after the transaction is completed.

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