Expanding your business internationally is an exciting endeavour with many important details to be considered. With our seasoned tax advisors and international affiliates on your side, you can stay on top of regulations and leverage our expertise to make more informed business decisions.

Get the expertise you need to successfully expand your business outside Canada with help from Rise CPA. If you plan to expand your business into the United States, you must manage both federal and state tax laws and regulations. The United States federal tax code alone is over 70,000 pages long. Rise CPA, with the help of our international affiliates, can help with navigating foreign tax and regulatory requirements so you can take advantage of every opportunity for success in international markets.

We provide assistance with navigating foreign tax and regulatory requirements so you can take advantage of opportunities for success in international markets. If you’re already conducting business outside of Canada, our tax services can help ensure you’re meeting your Canadian filing obligations for the foreign business operations and ensure you are properly structured to save money on taxes on the future repatriation of those profits.

Rise CPA handles a broad range of international tax issues:

  • Structuring for Canadian investments by foreign investors and related due diligence
  • Structuring foreign investments/acquisitions by Canadian corporations
  • International tax planning – companies and individuals
  • Planning for foreign investment income
  • Tax treaty interpretation and application
  • Taxation of Canadian real estate held by foreign entities/individuals
  • Treatment of foreign exchange gains and losses
  • Withholding tax issues

It is important to approach your tax program not only from a point of view of compliance but also with the continuous development of advantageous strategies that help you achieve your goals.


  • We help you understand the rules so you can make the best decisions
  • We help you stay ahead of constantly changing regulations
  • We help you seize opportunities in the international market
  • We take complex information and break it down for you

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