US tax codes are always shifting and present many compliance challenges for Canadian businesses. We assess your liability and find actionable options regarding your US personal and corporate tax obligations.

If you’re Canadian but spend a lot of time in the US, you may be considered a US tax resident. Therefore, you are required to file US taxes. The US has specific rules to determine tax residency based on the number of days you spend in the US. We can help you calculate this substantial presence test over a three-calendar year period.

Our US Personal and Corporate Tax Services Include:

  • Cross-border taxation for US citizens and US temporary workers
  • US Federal & State personal income tax returns
  • Correspondence with the US tax authorities
  • US foreign report filing (FBAR)
  • Consultation on cross-border tax issues and employment abroad
  • US estate and gift tax planning
  • US tax implications from owning RRSP/RESP/TFSA/Mutual funds
  • US tax consequences to US persons owning shares in Canadian corporations
  • Permanent establishment analysis under the US-Canada Treaty
  • US corporate federal and state tax compliance and advisory
  • US corporate acquisition and expansion planning
  • US capital structure planning
  • Professional liaison between the IRS and state tax authorities
  • Information reporting for foreign corporations
  • US/Canada Treaty Permanent Establishment Analysis
  • US inbound and outbound transaction corporate tax planning
  • Withholding tax analysis and planning
  • State corporate income tax nexus studies
  • Cross-border State sales tax analysis
  • Current and deferred income tax reconciliations

Rise does more than just US personal and corporate tax filling. We can assist with the filings required for the sale of real estate property by non-residents of Canada. If you’re Canadian with US rental properties or other US income sources, we can help you navigate your tax obligations. In addition to tax compliance, we can advise on matters related to relocations to and from Canada or the US. 

We have 20 years of experience dealing with advisory and compliance matters from a US/Canada cross-border perspective.

Our Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants and US Certified Public Accountants will work with you to achieve all filing requirements in both Canada and the US. We ensure that clients manage their income and assets in a tax-efficient manner no matter where they reside. 

Cross-border US tax planning can prevent unexpected penalties for you and your business:

  • Avoid failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties
  • Prevent accuracy-related penalties
  • Catch up on years of missed filings
  • Avoid being taxed in the US on world-wide income
  • Utilize relevant exemptions for commuters and students
  • Minimize tax exposure of US assets upon death

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