Typically, what sounds good and looks good on paper doesn’t materialize into actual profit due to a host of unforeseen issues such as:

  • Different corporate cultures - This can create employee clashes, resulting in lost productivity
  • Incompatible systems and technology - This requires transferring technology onto your existing business systems, which may or may not be efficient for your new business
  • Different management styles - This typically creates confusion for employees and reduced productivity

Rise Advisors work with you to:

  1. Ensure the business you are purchasing is a good fit with your existing business
  2. Quantify the benefits of the purchase
  3. Create an integration plan to ensure benefits are captured
  4. Monitor the people / processes / technology of the new business post-integration to ensure things are operating efficiently and effectively

Rise Advisory clients can expect our post-acquisition integration services to provide:

  • Clarity of benefits a new acquisition will bring to your business from a 3rd party not influenced by business politics. This can create employee clashes, resulting in lost productivity.
  • Support to ensure benefits are captured (70% of acquisitions are not profitable for the purchaser)
  • Fast, effective integration of the new business

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