KPIs, Financial Ratios & Financial Statements

The role of KPIs is to increase the velocity (the turnover rate) of your company’s financial ratios. Financial ratios are universal measures. They apply to any company in any situation.  

A company’s Return on Equity (Net Income / Equity) can be divided into three key ratios:  

  • Operating Ratio = Net Income / Sales 
  • Investing Ratio = Sales / Assets 
  • Finance Ratio = Assets / Equity 

Turnover is the name of the game. KPIs help improve your Balance sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows. The faster your key financial ratios turn over, the better your financial statements will look. Look to your KPIs to accelerate your financial ratio turnover. 

Financial Ratio Turnover Example: 

A Construction Company that bills on a time and materials basis is experiencing a sluggish Investing Ratio. They investigate this, and they find that their Accounts Receivables are too high relative to their sales volume. Digging deeper, they find that their billing department has difficulties processing invoices. They work out the kinks in the process and establish the appropriate KPIs for the billing team.   

Operating Ratio Example: 

A Craft Brewery needs to revive its Operating Ratio. They identify three improvement initiatives: 

  • An agency relationship program to sell to restaurants and tap houses 
  • A Customer Profile program 
  • An e-Commerce initiative 

They use KPIs to measure and manage the performance of each of these programs. 

KPIs are a High Leverage tool. With the right KPIs, departments in your company will know what to focus on to accelerate your Financial Ratio turnover. A faster ratio of turnover creates better financial performance and better-looking financial statements. 

At Rise, we serve owner-managed companies and draw on our 40 years of experience to help improve your financial performance. We use KPIs that will accelerate your Financial Ratio turnover. Call us for a review of your KPIs. 

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