Rise Advisors Master Series: Key Performance Indicators

Our mission at Rise Advisors is to guide you on your journey to Absolute Financial Performance. As your guide, it is our duty to ensure that you are properly equipped to make the journey. There is a kit of essential tools that you will need on your journey to Absolute Financial Performance and one of the tools in the kit is KPIs – Key Performance Indicators. You will not achieve Absolute Financial Performance without Custom Designed KPIs.

To help you get started or improve on your KPI program we have put together a 10 installment Master Series on KPIs.

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Rise Advisors Master Series on Key Performance Indicators

  1. What They Are. What They are Not.
  2. How KPIs Drive a Value Proposition
  3. KPIs for Teams & Individuals
  4. KPIs & Marketing Mix Strategy
  5. KPIs & OKRs. How They Work Together.
  6. Adapting KPIs for Changes in Situations & Circumstances
  7. The Motivational Power of KPIs
  8. KPIs & Benchmarking
  9. KPIs, Financial Ratios & Financial Statements
  10. Custom Designing a KPI Program

At Rise Advisors, we serve owner-managed companies. We draw on our 40 years of experience to help you design the KPI program that you need to achieve your Absolute Financial Performance.

Call or email us at Rise Advisors to book a review of your KPI program.

Next in the Rise Advisors Master Series on KPIs: KPIs. What They Are. What They Are Not.